With support from the NSF’s Pathways to Enable Open-Source Ecosystems (POSE) program this project will develop a plan to strengthen CKAN so that the software can continue to provide an effective platform for open data, open government, and open science initiatives.

In order to achieve this - the project team will work with CKAN stewards to explore several issues through this project, including:

  • Adequately supporting and managing product maintenance;
  • Integrating innovations developed by members of the ecosystem with the core product;
  • Maintaining relevance with changes to the transparency and open data landscape; and
  • Ensuring that user needs are integrated with product development road maps.

For the next year, the team will engage members of the ecosystem in a series of activities, which will include:

  • Documenting CKAN processes and workflows;
  • Visualizing participants in the CKAN ecosystem;
  • Researching other open-source ecosystems;
  • Engaging members of the CKAN ecosystem in interviews and virtual workshops; and
  • Connecting with current and potential users in external communities of practice.